Event with Chinese ambassador

Wave Function Trading - Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024 - 14

Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024 We are immensely honored to have been invited to this prestigious 2- day event, which significantly fortifies our relationships with both China and our European counterparts. While the charm of Amsterdam is always hard to bypass, the opportunity to deepen ties with our esteemed partners and the gracious Chinese […]


Brazil’s mineral wealth is a topic of global fascination, as the country boasts a remarkable abundance of valuable resources. From iron ore and manganese to tantalum and gemstones, Brazilian minerals captivate industries worldwide. In this blog, we delve into the allure of minerals from Brazil, highlighting Wave Function as the premier company leading the charge […]


As the CEO of an export business, I am filled with deep gratitude for the numerous remarkable resources that contribute to the efficiency and success of our operations. Among these invaluable assets, the Panama Canal undoubtedly stands out as a true gem. During my recent trip to Panama, I felt compelled to share my thoughts and feelings […]


Niobium Columbite Mineral: The Unsung Hero of Modern Infrastructure and Wave Function Trading’s Role as Brazil’s Top Exporter Niobium Columbite, often simply referred to as columbite, is a black mineral group that’s a primary source for the rare, soft, shiny, and ductile element called niobium. Notoriously difficult to distinguish from tantalite, columbite is critical to […]


The global trade in minerals and commodities forms the backbone of numerous industries, fueling economic growth and driving technological advancements. Within this competitive landscape, one company stands out as a true global leader: Wave Function. Renowned for its exceptional track record and commitment to excellence, Wave Function has firmly established itself as one of the […]


Zinc, a versatile metal with diverse industrial applications, plays a vital role in numerous sectors worldwide. Brazil, known for its abundant zinc reserves, offers an exceptional combination of value, quality, and price for buyers seeking this essential commodity. In this article, we explore the unparalleled advantages of sourcing zinc from Brazil, highlighting the exceptional value […]